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Decking Cleaning Services & Restoration in Bristol

Have your Decking cleaned and treated by our professional & experienced decking cleaners, your decking will be left clean and beautifully coloured through the use of our leading cleaning equipment and high quality solutions

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Reliable & Experienced Decking Cleaning Services Bristol

Moss and algae growth is all to common on decking in the UK as the climate is the perfect breading ground for unwanted moss and algae. If left un-treated this can lead to accelerated deterioration of the decking, making the deck extremely slippery especially after rainfall.

To clean the decking and protect it from the UV rays of sunlight, which over time fade the colours in the wood, it is important to use the correct equipment and solutions. 

We have professional equipment designed to ensure that dirt is quickly removed along with algae and moss without damaging the wood. We then use high quality oils-stains to restore the colour of your decking.

We get many enquiries from Residential and Commercial premises who require our decking cleaning services due to their surfaces being in poor condition. 

Often grimy and algae infested many believe they are beyond restoration and need replacing. Sureguard can dramatically change and re-enhance you decking and in many cases achieve a long forgotten new look.

Many surfaces that are suffering from grime become dangerous areas to walk posing a massive health and safety risk which on many occasions has result in serous injury, in commercial circumstances can lead to substantial compensation claims

About Sureguards Decking Cleaning Services.

Sureguard decking Cleaning and Sealing Services is a very experienced and reliable company who pride themselves on the highest standard of work and reliability. 

We believe in offering excellent value for money and make cleaning your surfaces as hassle-free as possible. Offering a service to suit all budgets, whether you’re a pensioner or a large multi national company, we make your paving and other elements of your exterior surface, safer, and easier to maintain between cleans, restoring kerv appeal and a non-hazardous surface for visitors. .

Our Decking Cleaning Gaurantee.

Our cleaning and restoration work carries a 100% risk free guarantee and you do not pay a penny unless you are totally satisfied with our work. 

Call sureguard now for your free, no obligation quotation for cleaning & restoring Sureguard offers a professional decking cleaning service, treating and coating pattern imprinted driveways, block paved driveway, tarmac driveways paths, patios and more. 

We can guarantee our work because we use the latest techniques, equipment and high quality materials, we ensure driveway and patio areas are like new and are fully protected against all the elements.

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