What Areas Do We Cover ?

We work throughout Bristol, Bath & the South West, please remember that but we can go anywhere in between and no job is too small or too big for our team to make a personal visit.

What Method Of Payment Do  We Except ?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Bacs or Pay pal.

Are My Personal Details Safe & Secure ?

Driveway Cleaning Bristol promise to keep your personal details to themselves and will not pass them on to “any” third parties.

Do We Work For Commercial CLients ?

Yes we work Residential, Commercial or industrial

How Much Will it Cost ?

There are many factors to take into account whilst quoting for a job,  what type of surface it is, whether or not it needs any treatments before jet washing etc. However a minimum charge of £90 is standard for all jobs.

My Driveway, Patio Or Decking Is Covered In Moss/ Algae & Weeds, Will This Be Removed ?

Absolutely, Driveway Cleaning Bristol are a professional Pressure cleaning company and deal with these sorts of problems every day. Sometimes but not always a chemical agent is used to shift the grime on your drive, but we find that Jet washing alone often does the trick.

How Long Will It Take ?

This will all depend on the size of the area in question, however most residential jobs will take no more than a day or two to complete. We can tackle even the dirtiest drives on average of about 30 sq metres/2 hours to give you a rough guideline.

Will You Replace The Sand Thats Washed Out During The Clean ?

Yes, this will involve a follow up visit to replace the sand

Do I Need To Be Home ?

No all we need is access to a tap

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